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January 18, 2017

Just had a baby and feeling low? You are not alone. “I wasn’t prepared for this”, I have heard this phrase so many times.

Finding out you are pregnant creates a mixture of emotions; excitement, apprehension & many more. The pregnancy becomes a massive focus & trawling through buggy reviews online begins!

When baby arrives you strive to be the perfect mum, but what is that?  Things are trickier than you expected, you experience lows & highs like never before, your baby is crying-you don’t know why.  With so many people around trying to help you can’t believe how lost & alone you feel.

These feelings are more common than you realise, we have high expectations of ourselves.

Look at the 4 R’s to help you to feel more secure on this journey.

Rest – Plan breaks in each day. There will be times when your baby doesn’t need attention so take this time to relax.  Have a period during the day of ‘no visitor’ time so you can sleep/rest when your baby does.

Routine – Bring some simple, regular habits into your day.  Before you had a baby you had your daily routine, now getting dressed by lunchtime is an achievement!

Realistic – Lower your expectations of the day. It is good to get out, but exhausting cramming too much in. Also remind yourself its ok not to have all the answers.

Release – It’s ok to tell a friend or family member you are struggling.  Never be afraid to speak out and seek professional help.

For tailored advice and support please get in touch with Karen at Little Solutions and speak to your Health Visitor or GP.



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