From moses basket to cot | Little Solutions

January 18, 2017

When the time comes for your baby to make the transition from their moses basket or crib to a cot, there are some things you can do to help your baby feel more secure during the move. Baby’s generally move out of their moses baskets when they become too big for them. To prepare for the move, put the moses basket into the cot for a few nights so that your baby can become familiar with the position of the cot and environment around them, whether this is in their own room or in yours.

During the day you can place your baby in the cot during awake periods, this will help them become used to the space around them, stay nearby and talk with your baby so they feel safe and secure while exploring their new environment.

When making the final move to a cot remember all the ‘Safe to Sleep’ guidelines. Cot mobiles are very popular and can be great for during the day while your child is having playtime in their cot, however it is advisable to remove these when you put your baby to bed. Excess stimulation at bedtime may prevent your child from falling asleep. This removal of excess stimulation can also help your baby begin to recognise the difference between day and night

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