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October 27, 2018

How is it best to deal with clock change for baby’s and young children? Most parents long to sleep that extra hour in the morning, often the child has other ideas!
We’ve put a few pointers together to try and help;

  •  On the day before the clock change look for opportunities to bring some of the of the extra hour in to the baby’s daytime sleep. Not the whole hour, but if they are asleep and they usually have 2hrs at lunchtime then let them have 2.15mins.
  •  Put them down for any subsequent sleep 15-30mins after their normal time.
  •  Let them be the guide with mealtimes/milk but if they are not demanding food at a feed time delay for a short period too.
     Then keep them up a bit later in the evening.
  •  For older children who don’t sleep any more then I would see if they are happy to delay tea that day by 30-1hr and keep them up at bedtime if they can cope with being up late. We don’t want them waking the next morning due to hunger. Most children love a longer bath time.
  •  The next morning when 7am is now 6am just go with the flow! The slight adjustments made the day before may have paid off and the baby or child may sleep until near the new time. If not get them up and start the day as usual. It’s not their fault this has changed.
  •  Try and delay first milk or breakfast within the comfort level of the baby/child.
  •  Remember to change older children’s bedroom clock. They may not be able to tell the time but may recognise the familiar shape of numbers.
  •  If your child has a gro clock you could set the sun to 20-30mins before the new normal time, so if they do wake up at the new 6am (or earlier!) they are not waiting too long and become difficult to manage.
  • The next day have the new daytimes as the times for meals and sleep but be a bit flexible if they are shattered before their usual sleep time or hungry before their feed time.

Within a couple of days they should be on the new time effortlessly.

Good Luck

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